Sometimes you see something and…. SMH (Welcome to the inaugural CRoF rant)

As anyone who has read my blog with any frequency already knows, I like science. However, sometimes I see things that are being done in the name of science and it’s a #facepalm moment. For instance, The US Department of Energy is funding an experiment that is supposed to tell us whether or not we actually exist within a two-dimensional hologram. A TWO DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAM!! REALLY? C’MON MAN!!


A Fermilab scientist works on the laser beams at the heart of the Holometer experiment. The Holometer will use twin laser interferometers to test whether the universe is a 2-D hologram.

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Like I said, I’m all about scientific endeavor, but surely this is the most ridiculous experiment ever devised. In the first place, what would lead anyone to think in such nonsensical terms. Now, don’t get me wrong. The actual work being done with the Holometer could lead to some new information about our world and the quantum state of space-time. Okay, sure. Go for it. But seriously, what if the results show that, in their estimation, we are indeed living in a two dimensional hologram?  What are we supposed to do with that information? Why should we take something like that seriously?

In all actuality I blame this fiasco on science writers trying to hype up overblown interest in a fairly straightforward scientific endeavor. Does this really sound like something an actual scientist would write (while being serious and not trying to get a laugh that is)?

Much like characters on a television show would not know that their seemingly 3-D world exists only on a 2-D screen, we could be clueless that our 3-D space is just an illusion. The information about everything in our universe could actually be encoded in tiny packets in two dimensions.

That analogy is flawed in so many places, starting with the fact that “characters on a television show” are actually actors who live in just as much a three dimensional world as the rest of us, and in NO WAY do they exist on or in a “magic box” (AKA television). Is that what they are trying to assert we are? Characters in a television show? If not, then why that analogy? (Because of hype, that’s why.)

At any rate, it will be interesting to learn what was actually discovered by the scientists performing this experiment. I just hope they can deliver the results without resulting to cheesy and inappropriate analogies invented solely for the purpose of hype. Thanks for letting me rant!

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