Previous Writings Published on “The Patch” (Part 1)

About a year ago, I started publishing articles on a web site called “The Patch“, which a actually collection of sites specific to local communities. I started posting in the Woodstock Patch, and branched out from there to cover much of the metro-Atlanta area and even some other states. “The Patch” has recently undergone a major reformat, and thus far the tools provided to post articles on the new platform seem to be somewhat of a downgrade from what they were previously.

I tried somewhat to start working on a foundational basis of explaining why the Christian worldview is a reasonable worldview to hold. Here I will list links to the articles I posted there, and along the way I might pull them out, dust them off, and re-post them. Take a look. Let me know what you think!


Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear how man-caused climate change/global warming is in danger of making our planet an inhospitable desert unfit to live on. How do we deal with this information?

Christianity: A “Blind” Faith?

Is the Christian faith a “blind” faith, or are there good, solid reasons to hold the beliefs that we do? Hopefully we can answer this question together over a series of articles on some of the foundations of the Christian faith.

Climate change, Consensus, and Galileo

This is a follow-up post to my article on Climate Change/Global Warming (CCGW). Some issues were raised in the reader comments that were too lengthy to follow up on there, so I decided to post my reply as another article.

Why is there SOMEthing and not NOthing?

It was a difficult decision to try and figure out where to begin this series, but ultimately I decided to begin at the beginning! It seems like a natural “jumping off point” and after all, if we can’t trust Genesis 1:1, well what can we trust?

Why is there SOMEthing and not NOthing? (A response to critics)

My previous post seemed to draw the ire of several people who disagreed with my conclusions. I invite everyone to read the article and the comments by my detractors.

The “Art” of Discussion (AKA Argumentation)

I prefer to use the word “discussion” over “argument” because of the popular perception of the latter, but whatever you call it, it can be productive if pursued properly.

Multiverse? A note on the difference between observation and speculation…

Sometimes you hear something that makes you think of the Athenians during the time of the Apostle Paul. “[They] spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.” Acts 17:21

God Did It: Ignorance or Best Answer?

Is it really a huge “Leap of Faith” to believe in an all-powerful God that has created our universe?

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