“Beyond Teachable Moments” Article Entitled: Five Traps Teens Fall Into – And How You May Be Enabling Your Teens to Fall Into Them

For the parents out there: there is an outstanding blog centered on “training up your children in the way they should go” entitled “Beyond Teachable Moments.” Their latest article deals with the things your college aged child should be prepared for by the time they are ready to go off to college, and explains that you can’t wait until they are going to train them, but you need to be working on their various habits and skills all along the way. From the article Five Traps Teens Fall Into – And How You May Be Enabling Your Teens to Fall Into Them:

The problem: Do you wake your child up for school? Do you nag him to do his chores, finish his homework, or to get to school or work on time? If so, your child has not been taught to take responsibility for himself. If he goes away to college, or eventually has a job, he will likely not have the tools, self-discipline or self-control to manage himself properly.

The solution: You need to slowly hand over responsibility to your child during his formative years – while he is still under your roof. This should begin during the pre-tween years, so that by the time your child is 12 -13, you begin to treat him like an adult. Chediak calls it ‘apprenticing for adulthood’. You begin to expect him to take responsibility for his own life and to think and act like an adult by controlling himself and his impulses. Give him an alarm clock. Allow him to experience the consequences of being late for school, or work, or of not having his homework done. He will suffer minor consequences, but you will enable him to avoid major ones later on.

It’s a great parenting article, and there are many good ideas on their blog about training your children to think critically and Christianly. Parents, bookmark them and check them out!

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