Why I Am a Christian (Part One)

This article is not intended to be a Christian “testimony” in the traditional sense, but an attempt to put my thoughts in order about why I personally hold the Christian worldview to be true.


If I’m honest, first and foremost I believe Biblical Christianity to be true because I have a witness, in my heart, that confirms the truths I read about in the Bible and learn about through study and through sitting under the sound of a Gospel minister. I also fully admit that this witness, who I take to be God’s Holy Spirit, is an entirely subjective experience that no one else has access to in the same way that I do. (This is not to say no one else has the same witness in their heart, but that no one but me can know what that feels like for me, personally.) For this reason I am hesitant to bring it up “outside the house”, as it were, because by definition an entirely subjective experience is only verifiable to the subject in question.

If all I had was this subjective experience, I would have a tough time justifying my belief to anyone but another Christian. However, because I hold that God exists and His word is true, I have endeavored to develop arguments in my own mind that bolster my own faith in Him, and that can be used to show others that belief in God and the Bible is reasonable. Note that I am not trying to prove my belief, I am only attempting to offer evidence that an open, honest person would be able to look at and seriously consider the merits of.

I encourage you, the reader, to seriously consider the lines of evidence I intend to delineate in my next article. The Christian worldview, if true, has serious implications that are ignored at the peril of those who do so. I’m not talking heaven and hell here (in the eternal sense) but consequences that have effects on how we live every day.

In my next article I will get down to the “nitty gritty”, as it were. For those evidences which I have already written on I will provide links for you to look at these subjects a little more in-depth. Those evidences I have not yet written about will loosely serve as a “road map” for future subjects.

I’d love to discuss these things with you. Any questions and comments that are in line with this page’s Commenting Policy will be published and responded to (to the best of my ability).

For more information on how I keep my worldview informed please go to Cross Roads Church.

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